Trudvang Legends – Next Game by Eric Lang Coming Within Weeks

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Trudvang Legends has grabbed our attention since its announcement in summer 2018. Creating a game in RiotMinds’ rich, and fascinating universe, while claiming to make it into a one-of-a-kind revolutionary product, sounded rather bold. With names like Eric M. Lang though, it was possible to believe that we’ll get something special or in the worst case: good. Some people have jokingly said that it’s going to be Blood Rage vol.3 but after the first three Design Diaries by Eric, it’s more and more obvious, that this game is very likely to deliver.

Welcome to the Freezing North

Trudvang is a freezing, unforgiving land created as a setting of Swedish pen & paper RPG called Trudvang Chronicles. At first it may seem like another nordic/celtic place we’ve seen hundreds of, but the deeper you delve, the more alluring it becomes with all of its snow covered mysteries and icy wastelands with tiny specks of human settlements…

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