Upcoming Kickstarter Board Games – August & September 2019

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Summer is slowly nearing its end in our hemisphere. Despite heat and holidays, Kickstarter still feels quite lively, especially with the campaign of Sleeping Gods. In Fall we expect plenty of huge titles to hit the platform: from new hits by Mythic to the hyped up Ankh by CMON. Before these show up, there are still some campaigns coming, many looking more and more exciting with each new preview. Today, we’ll show you 3 games coming to KS: in August and September

Merchant’s Cove – Late August

Most fantasy games make us play as knights, mages, rogues or pirates. Merchants on the other hand are usually a bunch of noname NPC characters you get new cards or gear from. There are some exceptions like last year’s fantastic Bargain Quest, but the merchant job is rare in board games…

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