Wizards of the Tabletop: Portraits of Game Designers & Accomplices

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Now, here we have a very special item for all of those who enjoy this hobby and want to learn more about the industry and its members.
Wizards of the Tabletop is a portrait book of Designers, Illustrators and Publishers with lots of beautiful photos from Douglas Morse. You will take on a journey starting from 1995 and explore all the key figures, games and influencers of the industry.
In this campaign, you will have the chance to get the PDF file of the book or the physical Hardcover book along with a truly special movie, “The Next Great American Game documentary”, in digital form in standard or Deluxe edition. The documentary is over 3 hours of interviews with designers and publishers, a unique and fruitful content.

If you are a game designer or want to be one, a reviewer, influencer, blogger or just someone who loves the hobby and wants to know about the industry and how it works, this combination is a must for you. It’s a project that took a lot of time, passion and people’s effort to be completed and I think it’s worth it 100%.

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