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Collectors Hardwood Catan Board

Category: 2017

Hello Catan lovers! Yeah, I know that there are lots of you out there, spending countless hours playing this classic game, or for some old people Settlers of Catan. We have some great news for you, to be more precise “Thinking Monk Studios” have some exciting news for you!
Right now, they are running a Kickstarter offering a collectible laser-cut and engraved Catan board, made from Ash Hardwood (not plywood). A gorgeous and sturdy upgrade for your game (notice that you must have the basic game) that may worth your money.

The campaign comes with a lot of pledges to choose from, starting from themed shot & pilsner glasses, coasters, all the way up to the Hardwood Board Kit with Felt extension for the basic game plus its expansion. Of course, there is the last pledge where you can just purchase everything if you are greedy enough and what to showoff to your friends (can`t deny that everything they offer is totally cool to have!).

Should I get it?

It’s not that you should, but you definitely have to consider it if you are a fan of the game. Apart from its top-notch quality and essentially being a piece of art, check the images to witness its beauty for yourself, it offers some gameplay conveniences too. The board is sturdy and it won`t get apart with just a push, after all its wood. Also, the tiles come with a hole in the center to hold each numbered token, for an upgraded visual result and to keep things together.
Lastly, the board comes in two versions, one with natural edges and another with blue edges (would totally go for this one). It may seem a little pricy, but you will be the one to judge if it’s worth it or not.


I would definitely love to see this funded and wait for other projects they have in their designers’ minds. If you want to check out how they came up with this, father and son, be sure to take some time and check out their story, featured on their blog here.

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