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The Con Carrier Bag – The Perfect Bag for Conventions!

Category: 2017

Are you overwhelmed by the amount of games you want to buy at a Convention and how to carry them? Do you wander at the halls carrying games like a donkey with your back hurting and itching? “Everything Epic” has the solution for you, a bag made to carry your games at Cons or at your game nights!
The bag named Con Carrier is a 27.5’’ x 23.5’’ x 13’’ which holds over 50lbs and it was tested up to 100lbs. Check out their introductory video to see what I am talking about and be convinced.


As an idea, to make a strong spacy bag for these events is an appealing one to me. My back still hurts from my last Convention. The strap is 39’’ which seems to let you carry the bag in convenient ways. You can have the bag & ink color of your choice and the minimum price is $10 each if you get 4 or more bags with the Normal MSRP at $20.

If you want to carry a ton of games with you for game nights, events etc. maybe this bag is the right one for you. Check out their already funded Kickstarter campaign for a better look!

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