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Product Overview

Have you ever bought a game with tons of stuff but there is no insert to put them in? Folded Space gives you the solution by providing exactly what you need. Inserts for the best games in the market. The designing of these inserts is based upon 4 key principles:

Include as many expansions as possible
Sufficient space for sleeved cards
Aid game play, set-up and clear-away time
Perfect fit in the original box in order to protect the components

The product uses a new material to the game industry, a lightweight 5mm thick sheet material composed of a layer of Eva foam to which two layers of color printed card are laminated. The resulting sheets are robust, flexible and can be cut with utmost precision.
If you pledge on the kickstarter you will receive a card box containing a number of cut sheets of the card/foam material. The box also includes instructions on how to build the insert. There are products compatible with a variety of popular games like Agricola, Istanbul, King of Tokyo, Gloomhaven etc. There is a full catalog of the products available on their kickstarter page as well as a table showing the shipping costs. Now you can tide up your games easily and protect those valuable components from harm with these revolutionary organisers. Order yours today on Kickstarter!


Enter the Folded Space Giveaway by “Board Game Revolution
for a chance to win one of the three Custom – Folded Space Inserts!

Folded Space Worldwide Kickstarter Giveaway

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