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Giant Squishable Foam Dice – Second Wave

Category: 2017

After the successful first wave of Giant Squishable Foam Dice on Kickstarter from Minion Games, here comes the second, with more colors to choose from and higher quality!

Quote from the Kickstarter page:
“Perfect for a quiet individual, learning activities, kids toy… OR for throwing at your RPG Game Master, punish an abusive character, or waking up that sleeper in the corner!” 

I think my DM needs some punishment and since these are considerably lighter than the metal dice I used last time, I may not have such a horrible death this time (muhaha).
Apart from loving to squish objects like a kid, as a gamer the most appealing property I find in these dice is that they do not make a sound. We always have a problem with this noise, either not to wake up someone as it is late or not to damage the gaming table (the sounds are like the screams of the table!). Not to mention that sometimes we play on a glass table…
Overall, it’s a clever product, really suitable for kids and RPG sessions, which I would recommend.  The campaign is already funded and you can check out its Kickstarter page as it has some more days to go.

We also had the opportunity to ask Mr. James Mathe, president of Minion Games, some questions about this project:

  1. You already had a successful campaign for the First Wave of “Foam Polyhedral Dice”. What is new in this “Second Wave” of dice?

The second wave has new molds being used that have indented numbers. This allows for more accurate painting of the numbers as well as much reduced wear from use. The other major new thing is that we’re doing 7 brand new colors.

  1. What inspired you to make these Giant Squishable Foam Dice?

I’m always on the lookout for unique accessories that others have not made. I saw some similar dice used in the education industry but they didn’t include the percentile dice and the d6 had to be bought separately.  I wanted to put a good gamer set of dice into distribution and offer single color sets. It took me 2 years to find a company to make these dice and I guess that’s why so many others have failed to get them made.

  1. Which kind of gamers are these dice for?

Well, many people just buy them for their kids as they are so cute. Many others use them as counters for card games. But most people use them in the role-playing games.

  1. Which type and color of die is your favourite?

I’m partial to purple which is why the original set had a purple. This set I’m trying to get a darker royal purple done, as that was my original goal for the first set, but they came out lighter than          I expected.

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