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Octagon Dice Tray is the latest product of “Easy Roller Dice Company” that is funded and live on Kickstarter right now. The company specializes in various polyhedral dice and gaming accessories focused on the RPG community. This makes no difference but it can useful for tabletop games likewise.

I am a dice lover and always try new games that include dice chucking. The truth is that you have to find the right surface to roll your dice, if you don`t have a gaming table, so they don`t make too much noise and also roll smoothly. That’s why this beautiful tray caught my attention!
It’s elegant design and simple features seems to make it one of the best choices for a dice tray. It has a lid that tightly closes to the top of the tray for easy transportation and the interesting part is that it can be used as a second tray as it has an 8’’ wide leatherette surface.
The main rolling surface is 5 3/4’’ wide and has a dice staging area that is 7/8’’ wide. In the staging area, you can place all the dice you are using, instead of leaving them here and there on other surfaces, which seems quite helpful to me as you can also pass the tray to other players. The biggest benefit for me is that you can roll your dice quietly and would use one of these even only for that! There is a video on the campaign in which you can take a taste of the noise that the dice make when rolled.

Overall the Octagon tray comes into a high quality, cool shaped box that can elevate your dice chucking experiences. It also comes into different variations that you may like better than the original one. You can check out all that in this accessory’s campaign!

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