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PolyHero Dice – Wizard Set – The Magical Dice!

Category: 2017

Last year, a Kickstarter was run to produce a set of imaginative dice, the Warrior Set, which became a reality. Now, a series of special dice for spell-casters has been launched! The Wizard Set is once again the classic 7-piece set of RPG dice by PolyHero Dice.

These dice are unique and exceptional, offering a different feeling every time you will roll them. There are many different types, such as the 20-sided Orb, the 12-sided Wand, the 10-sided Potions, the 4-sided Bolt, the 6-sided Fireball and the 8-sided Scroll. The dice have been designed using principles such as centre-of-mass and lines of symmetry, to make sure that they are fully functional and randomized for general use.

The campaign was kicked off by offering the most popular colors, but now there are six colors in the collection for backers to choose from, who can vote for the next colors to be added!

The campaign will be running on Kickstarter for a few more days, where you can back those magical dice, as well as find out how to vote for the next color you would like to be added!

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