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All aboard fellow gamers,

Asmodee has announced a new army expansion for their ever-popular Kharnage board game. The Tricks and Mercenaries expansion not only adds new units you can use to build your army, but also introduces trick cards that you can use to gain the upper hand in battle. The cards have no affiliation, so players have to seize them in order to exploit them. Find this expansion in stores the third quarter of 2017.

Rather Dashing Games will bring us a new set collection and bidding game this September. Hafid’s Grand Bazaar is for 2 to 6 players, who will haggle their way through a medieval traders market in a bid to make more money. Acquire spices, textiles, livestock and other exotic goods by bidding on caravans from foreign markets across the ancient world, and manipulate the market in your favour, paving your way to victory.

A new game development company called Grunt Games will launch their first game this fall, a card game called Lewt Ninja. Inspired by the looting systems in MMORPGs, players play as one of five character classes attempting to steal loot from one another. The game will also come with three game modes and a monster deck that will offer additional challenges to looting. Look for more exciting games in the near future from Grunt Games!

Still reeling of the success of the mega-popular The Dead of Winter, co-designer Jon Gilmour is teaming with designer Daryl Andrews and IDW Games on a new cooperative survival horror card game series called Outpost. The first of the series, Outpost: Siberia, will drop players into a harsh Siberian winter to survive the elements, wild elements, and other factors. Like The Dead of Winter, this game and the series is meant to recreate the tension in survival horror films, this time in a simple and compact package. Outpost: Siberia will be in stores in August.

And speaking of The Dead of Winter, Plaid Hat Games will release a new expansion for the original base game and Long Night standalone expansion called Warring Colonies, which introduces a new combat variant that allows for two competing colonies to battle for limited resources and territories. Expect the expansion to appear in stores soon.

Days of Wonder has announced a new expansion for Five Tribes. Whims of the Sultan adds new city tiles to the game which Caen created by the Sultan, whom you will have to appease if you wish to acquire the tiles. Look for it in stores this summer.

Sailor Moon fans rejoice! The popular anime franchise will finally exist in tabletop form later this year, courtesy of Dyskami Publishing. First up is Sailor Moon Crystal: Dice Challenge, a dice combat game, followed by Sailor Moon Crystal: Truth or Bluff, a bluffing game, later in the year. And Dyskami has promised us more Sailor Moon titles in the new year.

And the International Serious Play Awards, a program started in 2014 that recognizes and awards games with an educational or training component, has finally got into the world of board games by launching a tabletop category for their 2017 awards. Previous award winners include games developed in a university or professional environment, including The Underground Railroad: Journey to Freedom, Water Bears, and Vital Signs. You can learn more about previous award winners here. Submissions for 2017 are due June 1st.

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