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All aboard fellow gamers,
Cool Mini or Not is keeping it busy with a ton of upcoming game releases and Kickstarters. Their latest announcement is the release of Ethnos, designed by Paolo Mori of Unusual Suspects and Pocket Battles fame, and designed through the Spaghetti Western Games studio. In this game, you pick one of twelve fantasy tribes that will take control of land through battle or influence.  Look for the game in stores in spring of 2017.

The Lovecraftian-themed board game Kingsport Festival is getting a makeover. While you can still enjoy the original worker placement release, Passport Games will be reworking it as a card game; same rules and same objective, but but a little more contained with a card-heavy gameplay. You can get a preview of the new version on the company’s YouTube page, and the game should be available for purchase in February.

Excited for the upcoming release of Watson & Holmes? How about another preview to get you excited. This time, Asmodee offers a preview of four of the cases you can solve. Read all about them here.

For those that love murder-mystery games, WizKids has one that should whet your appetite. Deadline is a cooperative hand management game you play as detectives following clue after clue to solve an investigation. Designed for two to four players, it is designed by A.B. West and Dan Schnake (Ninjato; Wizards of the Wild) and includes artwork lifted right from classic pulp fiction novels. Look for it on store shelves in June.

Clank! was a big surprise hit out of nowhere when the deck building game was released last year. So Renegade Games wasted no time in preparing its first expansion. Sunken Treasures provides a new board that’s been flooded, offering another layer of difficulty. Expect the expansion to appear in March.

Are you one of those that Kickstarted Spirit Island back in 2015? If so, you’ll be happy to know the game should finally be delivered this June after a lengthly delay. It appears this was a respectable delay, as the designers at Greater Than Games took the extra time to play test it further and to improve on the art and pieces. If you’ve been waiting for the game to come out instead of Kickstart it, you can pre-order the game through their Kickstarter page.

And exciting news for board gamers in and around Philadelphia, which will be home to the newest Penny Arcade convention, this time completely devoted to tabletop gaming! PAX Unplugged joins the family of PAX events in Seattle, Boston, San Antonio and Melbourne, and was announced at this past weekend’s event in San Antonio. The event will debut in November at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.
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I’m a little ashamed to admit that I am late to the board gaming bandwagon. I briefly dabbled with RPGs and gave up on video games many moons ago, so board gaming never seemed like an option – until I was introduced to King of Tokyo, my gateway game, and it was all uphill from there! Outside of that, I work in entertainment in the true north, strong and free, and spend my off time embracing fatherhood.