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Altar Realms of the Gods – Kickstarter Teaser

Category: Age: 14+ 30 Min 2 - 5 Players 2023
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What’s up everyone? I’m Thanos and this is the teaser I created for the board game: Altar Realms of the Gods, coming soon to Kickstarter!

Along time ago, at an era where the humans were still primitive, the Gods were the only ones dominating the world. The arrogance of the Gods however, and their continuing clashes led to their decline and almost their extinction. The last few who remained, were hidden in oblivion waiting to return more powerful than ever.

In the subsequent years, humankind was thirsty for knowledge and domination. This triggered the awakening of the Gods. As exchange, the Gods have demanded everlasting faith and obedience so they could fully regain their powers and fulfill their plans. Soon, epic battles among Gods and their loyal followers spread throughout the world and the humankind fell into chaos.

The age of the Gods has returned more wicked than ever before. The Gods along with their devoted divergent followers are now fighting for supremacy… Who will be the last God standing to rule all humanity? Will this God bring Light, Love, War, Fear or everlasting Darkness? The fate of the World is in your hands!


Altar of the Gods is a card game for 2 to 5 players. During the game you fight against enemy Gods and try to protect your Realm. Your goal is to build Shrines and discover the hidden Altars in your God’s Realm in order to activate them and make your God the most powerful of all and win the game!

Each player chooses a God and takes their board which represents their Realm. On their turn a player must first draw a card and then perform 1 main action:

Use the Ability of a card (e.g. Activate an Altar, draw additional cards, destroy enemy Altars etc.), Perform a Ritual to build a Shrine and place it on their God’s Realm or Worship a God. When worshipping a follower is placed face-up next to their God’s realm to show where they activate their abilities and protect against the enemy Gods. In addition to the main action, a player may take any number of free actions.

The game ends when a player builds at least one Shrine and discovers and activates all the Altars on their God’s Realm.

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