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Asmodee and the Heidelberger Gamesverlag Merge!

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Another not so surprising merge was announced as 2017 kicked in. Heidelberger Spieleverlag joined the ever expanding Asmodee family! Both publishers have been working closely together in logistics since August 2015 so this was the next natural step.

The company is managed as Asmodee GmbH and Carol Rapp will function as the Managing Director. On behalf of the Asmodee Deutschland, she stated that with this merge Asmodee will not only get fantastic new games but also great new colleagues. Both crucial factors.

On the other hand, Carol Rapp, Managing Director of Heidelberger Splieleverlag stated that both sides will benefit from their individual experience and strengths and especially their customers.

The company will remain at the Walldurn location as Studio Heidelberger, continuing the development of outstanding games.

The range of products from both companies complement each other perfectly, so we will see a humongous variety of great games coming from the same home.

I am in no position to comment on this merge and what impact it may have in the industry or the European market. The only thing we all hope for, I think, is to enjoy more great games with other people and see the hobby grow as time goes by. All these years were great ones for the tabletop industry and it gets more and more fans, which is a reassuring development.

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