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Category: Age: 12+ 20 - 45 Min 2 - 4 Players 2018

In Temporal Odyssey you assume the role of a time Traveler with the power to open portals through time, enlist monsters, heroes and cast powerful spells that can alter reality.

Game Overview

Temporal Odyssey can be played 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2. The goal of the game is to defeat the enemy time-Traveler(s) and claim victory. There are 4 types of cards in the game:

  1. Characters and Travelers: Characters are the main body of the game and are used for attack and defense. Travelers are special characters that can return to life and are immune to certain effects.
  2. Artifacts provide players with powerful permanent or immediate effects.
  3. Stability cards: Every player starts with 3 stability cards. As you suffer losses, one by one your stability cards are turned face-up, assisting you with your battle but making you vulnerable.
  4. Spells are played directly from your hand and their effects are resolved.

In order to set up the game, each player take a Traveler, a Tower card, 4 Action Point tokens and 3 Stability cards. There are also the Time Period decks which are placed face-down to the side of the play area. From these decks players draw cards at the end of their turn. Leave space for a banish pile and begin the game!

In order to win the showdown, you must first force your opponent to reveal all his Stability cards. Only then you can defeat him/her to win the game.

A game turn has several phases: 1: Resolve Start of turn effects.

  1. Gain 4 action points and discard any action points that are still on top of cards.
  2. All traveler spells from play area are placed underneath your traveler. Non-traveler spells are banished.
  3. Flip your Traveler face-up if he/she was defeated last turn.
  4. Play: Spend action points to summon a character card, cast a spell, attack or use an ability. Attacking in this game has a unique mechanic. You can form groups of 2 cards that can give each other extra abilities. There is also a leader in this group and only he can be attacked, thus protecting the second card.

Each time you defeat 2 opponent characters or reduce opponent’s traveler’s life to zero, an enemy stability cards is revealed.

  1. At the end of turn, you choose a Time period deck draw 3 cards, place one of those into the banish pile, one on top of that deck and one in your hand.

“Level 99 games” has a tendency to create board games with tons of replay value like Millennium Blades and Devastation of Indines etc. Temporal Odyssey is no exception. With 4 different Travelers and 12 classes that form the Time period decks, there are plenty of possibilities. If you are interested in expanding those possibilities, you can pledge and help unlock more stretch goals that add more Travelers and classes to the game. The price and the shipping costs are really low, making the game very accessible. You can also pledge to get all 6 portable games of “Level 99 games” in a very discounted price. If time travel is your thing, check Temporal Odyssey  on kickstarter!

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