B-Sieged: Sons of the Abyss – Protect Citadel of Modhelm

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Category: Age: 13+ 60 - 90 Min 1 - 6 Players 2016

B-Sieged: Sons of the Abyss is a cooperative combat and castle defense game from Cool Mini or Not, which is known for games such as Arcadia Quest and Zombicide.

You are the Heroes of Modhelm and you must work together to protect the Citadel, while waves of monsters come at you. At the same time, a Messenger has been sent to retrieve an ancient magic artifact that will crush the enemy and you must keep him safe, apart from defending the realm.

During their turn, Heroes may take three actions. They can spend these actions to visit the various buildings inside the Citadel in order to get resources, such as Food, Gold, Special Abilities and Cards, repair damaged buildings, trade cards, fight enemies from the walls or try to use the powerful catapult at the center of the Citadel. After the Heroes have completed their actions, it’s the Monsters’ turn, where each monster performs their action according to their rank.

Each player has their own hero with some unique skills and they can upgrade their character with new abilities, spells and items.  Moreover, the game takes place over a year that is divided into 12 rounds.

It is important that players cooperate in an effective way, so that they share resources and collect supplies of great significance, in order to endure the siege. If the Messenger returns in time and at least one hero is alive, you win the game.

So, enjoy this Cool Mini or Not castle defense game with the strategic resource management and the great large miniatures!

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