The City of Kings: A Cooperative Adventure

Category: Age: 14+ 60 - 180 Min 1 - 4 Players 2018
Designers: Publishers:

Thematic Overview

A once beautiful world, full of life and prosperity, is now fallen to pieces. Only one city remains, the oldest one. Now it’s the time to fight back, hero leaders will take on a journey to explore the Ageless Realms and fight the armies of Vesh in order to enter the Azure Rise and bring balance once again.

The theme of the game is brought forward with the stunning aesthetics of this game. Before I even check out how it plays, I was blown away by its detailed art and graphic design that lets out the proper vibes.

Gameplay Overview

The City of Kings is a fully cooperative fantasy adventure board game for up to 4 heroes. The replay value of the game is one of the key features that is highlighted, with more than 10,000,000 uniquely generated creatures, a map with 1,000 possible layouts and character customization with over 100 options to choose from.
To start the game, you have to choose between the “Story” mode or the “Scenario” mode. The first one lets you choose between seven stories with a narrative, its own objectives and twists. The second one offers a quicker way to play the game with smaller challenges and even the option to create your own scenario.
The core of the game plays in rounds, in which you check for objectives that are complete, update the time tracker and then have your turn. During your turn, you will explore the vast land, flipping over tiles and discovering resources, hazards, side quests and more. In addition, you will have available workers at your disposal that can be used to gather resources, build structures, explore and place traps.
Battling with creatures uses a deterministic mechanic but the game offers an optional character stat to let you use dice to modify your attack and heal actions. Monsters spawn and stay on board until defeated and are generated through a simple set of rules, creating a unique creature each time.

You can find it now, live on Kickstarter and explore what it has to offer. There is a big amount of pledge options and the campaign is already way over its funding goal!