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Put on the Mask of Anubis and Get to the Treasure!

Category: Age: 10+ 30 - 60 Min 2 - 7 Players 2016

An unexplored pyramid has been discovered in Egypt, where legend has it that the King’s Chamber is hidden somewhere within and the treasure of the God of Anubis lies there untouched. Professor B. Gammon with his assistant Seneto and their dog Ludo go there so as to navigate through the ancient maze. However, the only way in is a small entry which only little Ludo could get through. This is not a great problem for the Professor who decides to use the Mask of Anubis. Wearing that mask will allow him to see into the maze through the dog’s eyes and guide it in order to find the King’s Chamber. Will Ludo be able to get there?

Mask of Anubis is a virtual reality board game, which needs a free application to be installed on a smartphone for the VR Goggles.

The goal of the players is to create the maze of the pyramid. One of the players wears the VR goggles and gets a 360 angle view of the maze. Then, that player explains to the rest of the team what they can see, so that they can create the map. When a minute is up, the mask gets passed to another player for the next round. After seven rounds, the players win if they have created the correct map that will guide them to the Treasure of Anubis.

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