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Category: 1 - 4 Players 2017

Welcome to the Resident Evil universe! Resident Evil 2: The Board Game is a cooperative game of survival, in which you are allowed to choose some of the familiar Resident Evil characters in order to enter Raccoon City and fight against bloodthirsty zombies. The game is based on the video game Resident Evil 2 one of the best titles of its series.

The game features resource management mechanic along with an innovative Tension Deck where you never know what awaits you. In order to stay alive, you must find equipment, weapons and clues which you must search for in dangerous places. Wise planning and making the right decisions will be necessary, since if one character dies, you lose the game.

For the old-school fans of the video game for an additional £20 you can get the retro pack which features the artwork and style of the items, enemies, and character cards from the classic video game!

Resident Evil 2: The Board Game has been up on Kickstarter and it is way above its funding goal already! Find out more about the game and the campaign by Steamforged Games!

Board Game Revolution is Giving away a copy of
Resident Evil 2The B-Files Expansion!
Enter the contest below for a chance to win!

Resident Evil 2 Board Game Giveaway



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