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Sub Terra – Will You Escape?

Category: Age: 10+ 60 Min 1 - 6 Players 2017
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You are a team of cave explorers and you find yourselves trapped deep underground. Everything down there is dark and you have your flashlights, but they won’t last for long. So, there is limited time in which you must work together in order to overcome deadly subterranean obstacles and finally find your way out, before the flashlights die or even worse before something darker catches you…

Each caver character has unique abilities that determine the game.  The actions that can be taken during a round are revealing the top tile of the stack and placing it, moving, exploring  a tile, healing – which means a health point for any of the cavers – and running. Of course, being in such a dark place means that hazards of different kinds cannot be avoided. So, at the end of each round a hazard card is drawn and anything can happen.

When the hazard deck runs out of cards, it means that your flashlights are about to die and you are running out of time. You’d better be close to the exit or else you don’t stand a chance of surviving.

Sub Terra is a cooperative game of horror and survival, where you must carefully think of your actions and get out of the darkness as soon as possible. It has been up on Kickstarter, where it has already been funded with many days to go.