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The Crew Expansion is Coming for Jamaica

Category: Age: 8+ 30 - 75 Min 2 - 6 Players 2017

We have always loved the classic board game Jamaica, that simple but very amusing game! Now we are glad to know that The Crew expansion is on its way!

The Crew expansion adds crew to your ship, that is a new set of characters, each one with a special power. Any time you pay for the fee of a harbor, you can also take any of these characters and load them like any other resources, following the same rules. This new crew with its unique powers makes your ship stronger, while many of the characters give you additional gold by the end of the game. However, since less space is available for the regular resources on your deck, more dice will be needed to roll during your journey around the famous island of the Caribbean!

Prepare your ships once again for more adventures and more fun in Jamaica!
The Crew expansion will be available in 2017.

(This photo is a prototype of the expansion)


(..And this is work in progress as posted on facebook by Bruno Cathala!)