Cthulhu in the House – Hide Yourselves!

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Category: Age: 14+ 20 Min 3 - 5 Players 2016
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Cthulhu in the House is a bluffing family game, based on the Rumble in the House.

Each player has a secret identity and he should keep it like that until the game ends and he is the last one standing. Each character starts in a different room of the house. Every round, a player either moves a character that is alone in a room into an adjacent room or starts a fight in a room that contains at least two characters. When a single character remains, the round ends.

This game has a mechanic, the portals which allow players to jump around the board quickly, instead of one space at a time, as well as change the outcome of fights.

Cthulhu in the House is a modular board game by Cool Mini Or Not and it brings a new level of strategy, compared to its predecessor.

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