Dicey Peaks – Welcome to Yeti Mountain

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Category: Age: 8+ 20 - 50 Min 2 - 6 Players 2017
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You stand at the bottom of the Yeti Mountain and look high at the top of it. You know you can make it. You can climb and reach its summit before the other climbers, even though you are aware of the fact that at the same time you must carefully manage your oxygen and avoid the wrath of the Yetis…

Dicey Peaks is a dice and press-your-luck game that has been designed by Scott Almes, also known for the Tiny Epic series. Players take turns rolling dice and choosing whether they will climb or rest, as they race to get on top of the Yeti Mountain. But, no matter what you choose, the dangerous Yetis are always lurking on the mountain, slowing down your progress and causing trouble…

This is a game where you must take risks and make tough decisions, while you never know what may happen when you roll the dice or reveal tiles, nor when a Yeti is going to surprise you. Can you stand all the suspense and danger? If so, then the Yeti Mountain welcomes you…

Dicey Peaks has been launched on Kickstarter and it’s on its way to being funded, while the campaign is set to run for another two weeks.

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