Karuba – Find the Hidden Treasure

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Category: Age: 8+ 40 Min 2 - 4 Players 2015
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You control a team of explorers, and you have just arrived in a mysterious island and are ready to go on a hunt for hidden treasures. Go through the dense jungle, look into ancient temples and find the treasure before the other players. But be careful! Many paths have dead ends, so you must be patient, so that you can find the best way through the jungle. The first player who has taken their whole team in the temple or has collected the most valuable treasures wins the game.

Karuba is a tile-based puzzle game, with clever mechanisms and it takes great strategy. Each of the players has a board along with a set of tiles which are all the same. Each player draws a tile and the other players must use the same tile, building the path that they are going to follow. At the same time, you must be alert, since you do not want to fall behind your opponents.

Play wisely, choose the right path and be the first to find the treasure!

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