Legal Cannabis – Will You Prevail?

Category: Age: 14+ 30 - 45 Min 2 - 4 Players 2018
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As the era of black gold is over, there is an alternative to oil for centuries, and that is Cannabis! Sow different type of Cannabis and expand your land, build factories, protect your plants from criminals and sell it for gold.  The competition is high and it’s not an easy task to run successfully the production chain, will you prevail?


As the name implies, you are playing in a world where Cannabis is legal everywhere and it’s a vital ingredient for many products to be made. The goal of the game is to effectively produce and sell the different type of Cannabis plants to buy certain products and then acquire Gold cards by delivering them. The first player to have 4 such cards at their disposal will be the winner of the game!

The game itself seems pretty straightforward and in your turn, you follow 5 simple steps:

  1. Fuel – You fill up your fuel depot. That will be needed for transportation purposes.
  2. Seed – You may draw up to 5 seed tokens from a bag. The seeds come in various color along with a multicolor one.
  3. Harvest – You roll a die that may let you place one or two Cannabis in your warehouse, depending on the result. Also, there is a side that lets you place a Cop on a land and another letting you place a Criminal of your color. Opponents’ Criminals block your production process while Cops protect you from them.
  4. Action – You may carry out several kinds of actions, like buying land, tractor, factories and so on, using your Cannabis. This is the core part of the game and your turn, where everything happens and these choices will determine your process.
  5. Sowing – Lastly, you may place a Seed token in each of your lands without already one.

The game will go on, following these steps until there is a winner.

The first thing that came to mind when I saw this campaign, was an old game named “Grass”, published before I was even born! A fun little card game that its focus is the same, Cannabis. I would recommend to not be driven away by the theme of the game, I know that some people will be totally against it but I don`t think there is a reason to be. Don`t want to start talking about that on a Board Game article, but I will only say that there are many games out there, either video games or board games with much more concerning theme if you think about it calmly. Even alcohol is considered much more dangerous than Cannabis and its everywhere around us, with us asking for it.

“Legal Cannabis” is a light family weight game that seems to combine its mechanics and theme successfully. Not your typical modern board game, that you can tell by its aesthetics too, but make sure to check it out if this package seems appealing to you, on Kickstarter!