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Loot the Body Kickstarter Overview!

Category: Age: 10+ 20 - 40 Min 2 - 5 Players 2018
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“Loot the Body” is a family weight strategic card game with cartoony art for 2 to 5 adventurers. It is currently live on Kickstarter and you can learn more by clicking on the campaign’s image at the sides of this overview!


Dungeons, vicious monsters, unlimited treasures, the thrill of exploring and battling magical beasts. This is an adventurer’s life, living another day to Loot the Body!


A fast-paced card game which plays in a semi-coop manner. That means you either all die in your adventure or you survive and the one with the most riches will be the best adventurer!
Rule-wise the game ends either when all players have fainted or all 3 Boss Monsters have been slaughtered. You play through a Monster deck which contains these deadly Boss Monsters, each time with different combinations.
In the dungeon, you will encounter monsters, traps, and treasures. All challenges you have to overcome while trying to survive and grab some loot. Each player will have some action cards on their hand and each card has a color, a value and possibly some ability. These are your weapons against everything that may come up.
The basic concept of a turn is pretty straightforward; a dungeon card is opened and all players have to think fast and place a facedown action card in front of them. When a player does so they must immediately grab a D20. There is always one less D20 than the players, so one player won`t get a chance to grab a die and this will give them a penalty in the game. When all dice have been taken by players they are rolled and their result determines the initiative for the encounter.
You have to think fast and place the proper action card according to the encounter while trying to not fall back and get the penalty. When dealing with monsters you try to deal the most damage to gain the best rewards but you also have to check for the monster’s power which is color-coded. That means some cards won`t work against some monsters, as they are too powerful!
You may get treasures by cards, get hit by traps or get damaged by undefeated monsters, so you have to be careful and not hold back if you want to live. If you survive the dungeon your gold, loot cards and treasures will determine the amount of your treasure pile. Having the biggest one will give you the win.

Loot the Body seems to have a decent replay value, it is easy to learn and play, with a classic theme that everyone is familiar with. If that seems interesting to you, make sure to check it out!

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