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Quartz – Which Dwarf Will Be the Owner of the Mine?

Category: Age: 14+ 45 - 60 Min 3 - 5 Players 2015

We are all aware of the dwarves’ love for crystals and how eagerly they can work in mines, in order to find plenty of crystals.

In Quartz, the story goes like this. You are a team of dwarves and you have just discovered a new mine and you come up with the idea of having a bet. Each one of you can search in the mine for five days. At the end of each day, you will sell in the city market the crystals you have found. After five days have passed, you will compare the money you have earned and the dwarf with the most money wins the bet and becomes the owner of the mine.

Quartz is a press-your-luck game, in which players must do their best to secure the best crystals for themselves and at the same time, make things hard for their opponents. Every turn, you can choose one of the following actions: you can extract a crystal, you can play a card that has advantages for you or disadvantages for your opponents, or you can leave the mine for the specific day and sell the crystals you collected that day in order to earn money.

Quartz is successor of the award-winning Ouro de Tolo, however it has some differences. For example, there are 5 rounds, one for each day, cards are worth victory points at the end of the game and you can save up crystals from one round to the other.

Which dwarf is worthy of becoming the one to own the mine?