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Category: Age: 8+ 15 - 90 Min 2 - 6 Players 2018

“Scrooge: The Board Game” is a self-published game made by the Gerring family, with a rich story behind it. It is set in one of the immersive worlds of Charles Dickens, nostalgic to many!


The game lets you take on the role of one of your favorite characters, created by the famous writer. You will go on a cutthroat adventure to redeem Scrooge in his Moment of Truth! Colorful aesthetics evoke the Christmas theme in this family game that resembles the old classics.


The goal of the game is to survive through the 56 Streets of London and beat Scrooge in his Moment of Truth. The game board follows the old classic space roads that kids and adults are familiar with, adding to the nostalgic feel of the game.

Let’s see how a turn works.
– First of all, if you have been dealt any “Bag of Tricks” you have to reveal it and apply its effect. These cards are designed to help Scrooge and will mess up with your plans!
– Then, you have to decide to move either forwards or backwards. If you choose the latter you gain 50G (gold) for every street moved this way, sweet!
There are three ways to move and you must choose only one. You can move by rolling one or two of the available dice, play a “Replace Turn” Ghost Card or pay 500G for each space you move, up to six spaces. The Ghost cards I mentioned are cards designed to help you on your journey, giving you an advantage.
– Apply the effect of the space you landed on. There are many different spaces in the game with a variety of effects. These can be positive, negative or let you with some interesting choices.
– Your turn is over and it’s the next player’s turn!

There are some additional cards in the game that you can utilize in different ways.
– Nightmare Cards: There are two types of these cards, the Pure Nightmares and the Turning Point Cards. These cards will let you trade them for gold if acquired, with the latter also offering the option of a passive or one-time use special ability.
– Scrooge’s Money-Box Cards: These cards deal with Scrooge’s financials and will be used in a couple of situations to resolve effects.
– Heroes & Villain Cards: These will help or hinder Scrooge in his Moment of Truth Challenge.

To win the game, you have to land on the “Moment of Truth” space given that you don`t hold any “Pure” Nightmare cards and you have 500G to pay. Then, you can take the Challenge and face Scrooge for a chance to win the game and transform him into a “kinder, gentler man”!

I like the fact that the game is somewhere between old classics and modern board games. Kids will surely enjoy its beautiful theme and can have fun along with the whole family while experiencing some interesting choices. The game also contains 30 original illustrations from Dicken’s books, which is a nice touch. A lot of love put to make this world breathe.
You know that we love stories and this is a beautiful one, especially when one’s dreams come to our world. You can read it in the game’s blog. Here you can check out the game’s campaign and maybe choose to take part in this Christmas adventure!



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