Stitches – A Monstrous Alternative to Fighting Babies

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Category: Age: 7+ 20 - 30 Min 3 - 7 Players 2016
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So by now we are all familiar with Bears vs. Babies, a light, monster building, take that-style card game that is well above its funding goal on Kickstarter. The concept alone is bizarre and ridiculous, and is really the main reason why it is so successful, but take that concept away, and what you have is a very simply card game without a lot of depth. That’s not necessarily a bad thing; it does look like fun, but its simplicity is turning off a lot of gamers, bringing out a wave of negativity that is not entirely necessary but at least understandable. In reality, Bears vs. Babies is like a b-level action film; it’s pretty dumb, but it’s decent throwaway entertainment as long as you know what to expect.

Funny enough, this is not the only monster building game active on Kickstarter right now; Stitches is also a take that-style card game where you build monsters to defeat other monsters. However, this comes with more elements that will offer a more immersive gameplay while being quick and fun! You start off the game as a Frankenstein creature looking for upgrades. You can scavenge for parts or spar other players to steal their parts. Battles are decided by a rockpaper-scissors mechanic that is quite clever.

I should mention that as you play this game, you cannot speak, only grunt or groan. But as you attack other players, you collect words that become your vocabulary. If you and another player share the same word, you can then work together to defeat the Abomination, who is also collecting parts to defeat you. While it seems silly to attack other players only to then attack the boss, it’s actually quite necessary if you plan on winning the game, and combine that with a limited vocabulary and you got yourself a fun, silly monster building card game with some depth.

As it stands, Stitches is close to its funding goal on Kickstarter, and based on contributor comments is adding some Kickstart Exclusive cards to the package. It could use a little help in reaching its funding goal, but also reach some stretch goals where more abominations are added. If you like silly, take that-style card games with some depth to it, ignore that juggernaut of a campaign and put your money towards Stitches: it’s light, but it brings a bit of complexity that makes it more engaging. And, it’s cheaper to back this game than the other one.

The game is for 3-7 players, takes about 20-30 mins to play, and is great for families!

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