Unreal Estate – A Fun Fantasy Card Game

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Category: Age: 8+ 15 - 20 Min 2 - 4 Players 2017
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The City Council has hired you to build the best cityscape, and in order to do it you draft buildings to your hand. Any design that is rejected goes to the Scrap Pile, but as there is great demand for those buildings, you may reclaim them to score the most points. However, you should be careful, because you don’t want the other architects to score them before you do!

Unreal Estate is a fast card drafting, hand management game, set in a fictional fantasy city. At the start of each round, you place five cards face up on the table to form the Proposal Board. Each player may take 1 to 3 actions on their turn: drafting, scoring and playing a building card. Once all players have taken a turn, any leftover cards in the Proposal Board are moved to the Scrap Pile and the round ends. When at the beginning of a round there are no more cards in the deck to place in the Drafting Row, each player takes one more turn playing cards and scoring and then the game ends. The player who has earned the most points is the winner and is given the key to the city!

Unreal Estate has been running on Kickstarter and it has been planned for release in 2017.

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