Become the Greatest Wizard in Grimoire Quest

Category: Age: 12+ 30 - 60 Min 2 - 6 Players 2017
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Grimoire Quest is the first game of “Savage Studios” focused on being fast, easy to learn and packed with a narrative element to it.


Set in a fantasy world, you are a Wizard, battling other individuals in an all-out war with the sole purpose to find the lost pages of the Master Grimoire book! A book that contains immeasurable knowledge, letting you become the most powerful Wizard of all.


Grimoire Quest is a fast fantasy card game with a narrative element. The goal of the game is to either eliminate all your opponents or acquire all the 12 lost pages of the Master Grimoire!
To start, you will have to choose the element of your Wizard (Fire, Water, Light Etc.) and place in front of you their 6 relic cards, which are essentially your defense/life points. Lastly, you will draw 5 cards from the Action deck and you are ready to play! The Action deck may contain attacks, spells, special cards and Master Grimoire pages.
The game continues in Rounds and at the beginning of each one, a player will have the narrator role, drawing a card from the Narrator deck. After reading a small story section on the card, a special rule or action that applies for the round is declared. Also, each player will have the opportunity to play a spell card at this point, before the turn order begins! On your turn, you may attack other Wizards, destroying their defenses, making them vulnerable for the last hit!

The game contains 300 beautifully illustrated cards that add a lot to the replay value of the game. As I can tell, this is a light and fast card game that everyone can play (“non-gamers”) or that can be used to introduce players to the hobby.
The campaign has reached half its funding goal, so, if it seems interesting to you, check out its Kickstarter page here, considering supporting it.