Destiny Aurora: Renegades – Enter the World of the Successful Novel Series

Category: Age: 12+ 60 - 120 Min 1 - 4 Players 2017
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Destiny Aurora: Renegades is a sci-fi campaign-based game, which is played on two levels, since players play both in space and on the planet’s surface at the same time. You are going to discover alien races and creatures, as well as encounter enemy ships in this fast-paced adventure game that is based on the successful Destiny Aurora novel series and includes game components inspired by the novel’s characters.

The game is played on two different boards simultaneously. Each time the two boards are randomly built, so no two games are alike. You choose your faction, your ship and crew, which you can upgrade by finding items on the planet or by buying weapons and items. Moreover, the game features 3 unique campaigns consisting of 16 different Missions that will send your team to various corners of the galaxy. You may choose to lead the mercenary-style Renegades or the Intergalactic Coalition Peace trying to lock them up.

Enjoy this fantastic futuristic world with the great art and the amazingly detailed miniatures of Destiny Aurora: Renegades. The game has been running on Kickstarter and it is already over its funding goal.