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Ninth Haven Games is a new publishing company based in South Burlington, Vermont and DinoGenics is their first game, currently, live and funded on Kickstarter. The game incorporates a theme beloved by many and one that we have seen hitting our tables lately.
Let’s take a look how it plays!


A fraction of genetic material gave the chance to recreate once extinct lifeforms. The ones we always heard about and loved in our own way, something between reality and a Myth. The Dinosaurs. This breakthrough gave the institute behind the discovery the name “DinoGenics” and the demand for these creatures rise the hopes for the first dinosaur park.

Industry leaders around the world were ready to fulfill this task and “DinoGenics” would support these efforts with creatures that the world wanted always to see.


In DinoGenics you take on the role of one of these Corporate leaders in an attempt to create the most successful dinosaur park, in terms of popularity and wealth of course. Seven seasons (rounds) will be enough to show who dominated the market and thus buy out everyone else.

During each season you will send your workers to the mainland for certain tasks. Like purchasing new facilities, repairing your old ones, buying or selling DNA, buying new fences and more.  To bring a dinosaur to your park you have to give in certain DNA cards and create that beautiful beast.

At the start of each season, your park will attract visitors, which is your main source of income, depending on your current reputation. People are attracted by dangerous species as they want to experience the prehistoric thrill. But you have to manage your park well as you must have the proper facilities to maintain the masses. Visitors will also give you victory points, as the word of mouth is a powerful mean!

A season will end with an upkeep phase where you have to feed your cute carnivorous dinos, return visitors, gain building effect resources and more. The most important part of that phase is feeding, as you may assume, cause a hungry carnivorous dinosaur doesn`t sound safe. Things like that or not having enough space etc. can trigger a Dinosaur rampage which is as bad and terrifying as it reads. This can hurt your reputation, facilities and make visitors the supplementary meal ( see: Jurassic Park ).

DinoGenics is a worker placement to its core with other interesting mechanics blend in, like resource management and set collection. All these are the behind the scenes of a very thematic and immersive game, as it seems. The game has already doubled its funding goal and you can learn more about it on its campaign on Kickstarter!

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