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Category: Age: 13+ 30 - 355 Min 2 - 4 Players 2018

Welcome to the overview of Direwild! An up to four player fully cooperative deck-building dungeon crawler.


Animists, an ancient tribe with the power to summon creatures of all kinds to come to their aid. While these tribes live in harmony with the creatures of Direwild, there is war between them. And one of these wars gave birth to Karn, the sole survivor of a tribe that fell into the dark arts in his search for power. His revenge will be to destroy Direwild and you, Animist Heroes, have to travel through the lands in order to stop his ruthless actions once and for all. Teamwork is the answer to this quest that will seal the fate of this place.


In Direwild there is no dungeon master, so a round will start with the “Game Phase” in which the AI controls all enemy actions. I personally like the Dungeon Master role but as it seems I am a minority here, so, hooray! Then it’s your turn to play, by drawing five cards and playing them in turn order in the “Summon Phase”. Each creature’s action is triggered as played and these actions can give you great benefits. Synergy between your cards will let you create powerful combos and give you utility.
The “Charm Phase” comes next in which you can buy new creatures or unlock upgrades for the team. The currency of the game is called “Charm” and your cards will generate it in the previous phase. And here comes the coolest part, where all your played creature cards will get combined to create one big unique creature!
The game comes with various double-sided boards with square spaces. There your Hero will move, fight, pick up treasures and in general do all the tactical movement needed. All these happen during the “Battle phase” which comes next. When you fight against an opponent you compare your attacks value and yours is the sum of your Hero’s die roll (a six-sided die with values from 1 to 3) and your creatures attack power.
As you can guess the goal of the game is to defeat the final boss and this can happen over many sessions. A save mechanic is there to save your progress, so don`t worry! The replay value is high as there is a lot of content in the game, many treasures and minions to fight against, and they vary in every game.

There are more aspects in the game that I didn`t talk about, as magic, but this is the basic structure and flow of the game. I like when the blend deck-building with boards and different big-game mechanics as it is one of my favorite mechanic but this blend is the next step. Direwild is beautiful, has many interesting concepts, some known and some different and overall, I can say that I am very excited about this game. Lastly, cooperative play is always a plus, especially when teamwork aspects are implemented successfully.
The game is currently live and funded on Kickstarter, so you can learn more about it here. Don`t forget to join the Giveaway for a chance to win a copy of the game!


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