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Grimoire Quest Funded on Kickstarter!

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Category: Age: 12+ 30 - 60 Min 2 - 6 Players 2017
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“Grimoire Quest” ran its first Kickstarter campaign earlier this year but without success as they decided to cancel, reflect upon the feedback and come back with a better product overall. A couple of months afterwards, the relaunch of the campaign is here with new exciting elements for their backers!
If you want to know more about the game and how it works, check out our overview of the game.

The relaunch comes with a more clear campaign, showing the basic information about the game and what it has to offer in just a few steps. The biggest change might be the new graphic design for the cards and the box. This version of the box is much better, giving a darker feel to the game, making it more appealing. The cards, having their thematic background, offer a much better visual appeal and thematic flavor.

All these while maintaining the pricing on the same level and even offering some extra content on their pledges. The creator and artist of the game, Tom Savage, is also a Comic creator, which you can acquire in digital format along with your physical copy of the game!
The campaign has a lot of pledge offers so you can choose which one fits your taste better.
“Grimoire Quest” is a light narrative driven fantasy game with atmospheric aesthetics which you can check out on Kickstarter.

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