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Category: Age: 18+ 60 - 120 Min 2 - 6 Players 2018

HATE is the latest game by CMON that made a real impact to the community thanks to its gore theme. It is based on the “Chronicles of HATE”, a graphic novel by the artist of the game, Adrian Smith. The game is already funded with more that 660K $ but someone can say that this is a “small” amount for CMON, compared to their campaign history.
Because of its mature content the game will be available ONLY through Kickstarter, a decision based on its niche target group that seems wise on their regard.


KS Video
The first thing that anyone is and would comment about the HATE campaign is its brutal video with a ton of curse words! Many loved the concept and many(more?), wait for it…, hated it. The narrator uses these words on purpose, in a seemingly biased way, to add a funny element to the video between “This is actual brutal and kick-ass” and “We will exaggerate to make it less serious so you can laugh when we talk about melting humans in the oven”. I personally liked the video and it gave me a good idea of how the game works but even I myself curse a lot (I mean, a LOT) the use of these words in the video felt kind of awkward in some parts (in their try to feel biased-funny?). Regardless of that, the video is as expected of high quality with cool graphics and a decent explanation of its flow.

Theme & Basic Gameplay
In a post-apocalyptic universe (MadMax-like) you will take on the role of a whole clan that strives for survival through plundering, killing and demoralizing the other clans. Its theme is extremely brutal because you can do and see all that, from the highly detailed gore miniatures up to the mechanics of inhumanly killing your enemies.
The game can go up to 6 players but it only supports 1vs1 tribe fights. Your tribe consists of 11 characters: 2 Youngbloods, 6 Warriors, 1 Shaman, 1 Champion, and 1 towering Prince. Each of them will be different in stats and abilities, creating a unique strategic and tactical path for each tribe. In addition, you will have your personal Village sheet and tribe deck of unique cards!

We won`t go into details about how the battles are resolved but you can expect an around 40 Min fight each time and will probably feel something close to Battlelore 2nd Edition (a miniatures 1vs1 army battle game) with a straightforward system, tactical movement, unique abilities, terrain tactics and more.

The most interesting aspect of the game, the one that they also promote-pitch, is the Chronicles/Campaign aspect. That means you will experience something close to a “Legacy game”, which means that each of your games, battle results Etc. will have an actual impact on the whole world/game and the story will evolve depending on that. Gameplay wise this means that you will have a chance to upgrade your village as you plunder and win battles, gain tribe modifiers, feats and much more. Your mighty warriors will get more experienced in fighting and will gain permanent upgrades that will make them more powerful and tactical in battle. On the other hand, fighting with these deadly weapons is really dangerous folks, so you can expect your tribe members to get some permanent damage (negative effects/abilities) or even die, being the next meal of the neighbor tribe.

Game End and Final Thoughts
The whole game will end once the Chronicle is over and the amount of Hate, Resources and territory strength will determine who becomes the Tyrant of that rotten world. That means the game will take several gaming sessions of savage and breathtaking battles that will leave you with a horror story to tell.
You can expect top-notch quality components, art and graphic design and a most likely solid gaming experience either you like it as a whole or not. For many people it comes down to its theme but I personally care for the game engine at the end of the day. The theme is vital to the gaming experience but if you are not bothered much from this one I would recommend to actually check out how the game plays in detail to decide whether its something for you or not. I am intrigued from its Chronicles aspect and would surely give it a try but whether it adds something unique or not its up to you to decide.
For more info about the game check out its campaign and don`t forget to join the Giveaway for a chance to win a copy of the game and a lot of hate from your friends! 😀

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