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Interview with HUB the Creator of OKKO and Giveaway!

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HUB is the creator of the OKKO Universe with a story that unfolds through a comic book in Five Circles (Water, Earth, Air, Fire and Void). We are really excited that he got to answer some of our questions and give us a more inside view of this whole project!

 What is the key inspiration behind the birth of the Okko universe?

It was a good thing that I had plenty of sources! The main source, of course, was the japanese culture of the feudal period, part of its literature (The Stone and the Sword and The Book of Five Rings), and let’s not forget the numerous sword movies that describe the life of great samurai or ronins, usually with a rather tragic fate. Regarding the japanese culture, I could mention the world of great Miyazaki, especially Princess Mononoke, as well as the journey of Chihiho. Two role play games that really inspired me were the Legend of the 5 Rings and its ancestor Buchido. There are loads of sources of inspiration that affected me to a greater or lesser extent, but it would just be a long list of them.

What was your thoughts about the story being brought into a tabletop form?

This is the second time this thing happens. Being a huge board game player, I always welcome such news with lots of enthusiasm and passion. I like following projects and giving life to them.

Which part of “Okko’s Chronicles” gets you most excited?

Every single step of the creation of a board game gives me thrill. The cohesion of the game’s system, the clarification of the rules, the production of the cards with their images, the miniatures, tiles etc. In general, Frederick and I had to respect the coherence of this world and gradually enrich it.

Will the game follow the original story or part of it, from the first cycle, or will it include some new paths?

I would say both. It has been inspired by the series and the most important characters, making a short reference to areas that have not been explored in animation.

Which is the key difference between working on the art of a comic book and the art for a board game?

There is a great difference in the narration on a comic book and a board game. It becomes interactive and open through a game such as Okko Chronicles, when it is actually static in a comic book. They are two different mediums with its peculiarities and personal logic.

I am a huge fan of OKKO and like many others I was wondering if there’s going to be another comic book from the Okko Universe in the future.

That’s very kind of you, thanks. At the moment, I’m focusing on a new rather ambitious project I think, but in a more or less near future why not consider a return on the lands of the Pajan Empire… if the inspiration comes out !!!

OKKO Chronicles is live and fully funded with lots of stretch goals unlocked! You can check out the campaign on Kickstarter!

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