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The latest game of “Alcyone Creative”, a Greek publishing company made up of creative individuals, is close to its final countdown on Kickstarter. The already funded “Ironclad: Mercenary Battleship” is a story driven space opera game that makes “AlcyonCreative” step out of their history-themed games. Let’s discover what they created for us this time.


The game comes with rich lore which was very interesting to read, making you want to explore that universe and learn how things will evolve for the protagonists. Will describe the basic concept of the game but I recommend to read more on the publisher’s page for the game here ( .
Humankind has long left behind its first home planet, Earth, trying to survive and adapt in the vast universe. Along with habitable planets other intelligent species were discovered, for better or worse. Alliances are not enough to hold war behind, the lust for dominance, the First Galactic War between the Gaia Nova Federation and the Firstborn, a mysterious, warmongering species.
Ironclad, your infamous battleship, was a remnant of that war as it came to an end. Hideous secrets of the Federation came to light, showing their true face. An event that made you, the crew of Ironclad, to mutiny and declare your independence. Smuggling, protection and bounty-hunting is your life now in that renegade mercenary ship. Your adventures will shortly bring you closer to much more important events for the fate of the galaxy!


Ironclad takes us back to the cartoons (anime), comics, space opera and sci fi movies of the 80’s and early 90’s with its beautiful aesthetics. As a spiritual successor to “Argonauts”, an older historical coop adventure game of the company, Ironclad is a fully coop game that plays through a campaign. The story consists of 10+ scenarios, each unfolding a part of the story. One interest aspect, that we tend to see more often lately, is that your choices will have an impact on your active and future scenarios, creating a different path that closes with one out of the many possible endings.
Your crew is tough and well trained, all Heroes have a certain set of skills that will come handy in challenging situations and encounters. Their class or classes will give you a taste of their expertise and will enable them to take certain actions or be part of certain events. Each Hero also has a passive and active ability resulting to a lot of unique and interesting characters.
In general, you will take control of one of the battleship’s vital stations, giving the right orders and assigning Heroes (crew members) for optimal operation. Each player will take control of such a station, operating the whole ship all together in a simultaneous play manner. In the pressure of the time limit you will have to successfully communicate, plan and execute in order to accomplish your goals.
Each scenario will have a different map layout, new elements, different goals along with side missions, secret objectives and optional achievements! Which of these you will go for or ignore, is up to you. Different events, encounters and other surprises will keep you on your toes and give a unique feel to each play and adventure.

The game has a lot of things going on, battles, synergies, tactics, tough choices, powerful enemies and more, all packed in a space adventure for you to experience. The fact that the game is up to three players may keep away some people but to me it shows that they know exactly what this game is and can offer. You can learn more about the campaign here and of course, don`t forget to join the giveaway!


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