Luminous Ages – The Dragon Card Game

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Luminous Ages introduces you to a world of dreams and nightmares, where dragon gods and creatures beyond the imagination fight for control over the Dream world of Ekratoria and Mythological Ages of Earth.

Luminous Ages is a deck building card game that features both cooperative and competitive play. Moreover, it is accessible to all level players, since it can be played by both veteran players and less experienced ones.

You play as a Mage of the Mark gathering Dream Magic, which you can generate in a number of ways, such as capturing or draining lands and by protecting your own lands and creatures. Your ultimate goal is to summon a Dream God into the world of Ekratoria and protect them for three turns in play. The 13 original gods are all trying to be the first to claim Ekratoria, the physical realm and through it Oniro, the Dream Realm. As a Mage of the Mark, work with your lands and creatures to collect Dream Magic on behalf of your God.

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