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Category: Age: 12+ 75 - 120 Min 1 - 4 Players 2017

After losing all her lands to monsters, Queen Gimelda promises the crown to the clan of warriors that can bring justice by capturing or slaying all the monsters and reclaim her lost lands. In “Monster Lands” you will take on the role of a leader of one of those clans, competing with the others to get the crown of the “Lands of Discord”.

Game Overview

Monster Lands is a worker-placement game with dice, where you battle monsters, travel throughout the land and visit buildings within the last bastion against the monsters, the Citadel. It is now on kickstarter and is already funded way beyond the funding goal. The game can be played on different difficulty levels and has also a solo mode. When setting up the game you place the Citadel that has seven different buildings, the Outside that is divided into The Mission Paths, the Lands and the Entrance to the Citadel. There are tons of stuff in this game, Loot tokens, Mission tiles, Traps, Equipments etc. There are also 3 types of dice that you can use: Strength dice, Magic dice and Persuasion dice. On your turn you must take one of 3 possible Actions: Deploy dice in the Citadel, Outside or in another Land. You can also hire mercenaries to increase your dice. Your dice are then manipulated in order to carry out various actions within the Citadel, but also in adventures outside the Citadel. Each clan tracks Glory and Reputation points. If you can achieve more than 30 Glory points in a game you trigger the end of the game. Whoever has more Reputation and Glory is the winner of the game!

The already successful kickstarter has unlocked many stretch goals like upgraded components, exclusive mercenaries, land cards and monsters. There is also a deluxe version of the game with wooden tokens, customized dice and upgraded components. The shipping costs are quite low for most countries, so if you are interested in getting the crown of the “Lands of Discord” check out Monster land here!


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