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Category: Age: 12+ 30 - 90 Min 2 - 4 Players 2018

White Wizard games, best known for “Star Realms”, comes with their newest game “Sorcerer” on Kickstarter. The game already reached its 100K $ goal, making it a hit. Stunning art and high replay and expand value are some of the basic values that White Wizard add to their products which seems to be the case with this one too. Let’s check what Sorcerer has to offer.


The balance between two worlds has been interrupted, our mortal and a godly darker one. Dark gods and mythical monsters imprisoned in that unknown world for centuries, humanity’s worst nightmares. You are the offspring of the Dark gods and mortals, the power-seeking Sorcerers! Battling for your Lineage supremacy in Victorian London against the other ancient beings is what will shape the future.


The first interesting concept that the game comes with is its character creation system. To do that you must choose one character, one lineage and one domain, each coming to their own unique pile of cards that you have to shuffle together creating your play deck. Each of these categories come with a skill card that depicts their titles, creating a full name for your Sorcerer that characterizes his nature, like “Miselda, The Bloodlord, of the Forgotten Temple”. Yeah, everything sounds as cool as that. The basic game comes with 4 sets of each, for a total of 64 possible deck combinations and buying more sets will exponentially increase that number.

Between players there are three battlefield cards in which creatures can be summoned to battle for dominance. Managing to take under your command two of these three cards will win you the game!

Gameplay Flow
The game plays in rounds in which players play actions back and forth until six actions have been made by each player and battle is resolved. You know how the game ends, so you will continue doing so until then.

The round starts with some basic steps and then the Action phase takes place where you take actions one by one in turns until you use all six. You can spend your action to play a spell/card effect, draw two cards, gain 2 Energy (the currency of the game), play a minion on a battlefield of your choice or to move a minion (or swap adjacent minions) and then move your Sorcerer. Each Round all players will have the same amount of Energy points to spend and this is determined by a die roll, making each round different as you have to adjust to that.

Battle phase comes next where you will activate minions and battle using battle dice. The power of your creatures will determine the number of dice you will roll and those dice have hit, double hit, critical and miss sides. Dice can also be manipulated by being rerolled through fate or omen tokens, before applying final damage. After this, the end of the round takes place and you will start a new one player dominates.

As you may already have guessed the game comes with a ton of extra content to add to your basic game for almost unlimited combinations. This creation aspect is fascinating to me because you don`t get into the trouble of choosing each individual card as in deck-building, even many like that, but you just combine what seems cool to you or what new combo you want to try and you are ready to go.
The company met great acceptance with all of their games which they offer as add-ons, making this campaign even harder to resist! If you want to learn more about it just click here. Don`t forget to join the Giveaway for a chance of winning a copy of the game!


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