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Category: Age: 13+ 20 - 60 Min 1 - 4 Players 2018

Aughmoore is in peril! Gather your friends and defend Aughmoore from the attacking hordes and the ultimate Epic Foe that leads them. Will you emerge victorious together or will you suffer a bitter defeat?

Game Overview

Tiny Epic Defenders is on Kickstarter along with Tiny Epic Defenders: The Dark War expansion, revised and is better than ever! “ITEMeeples” are also included in these games, ensuring that you can equip deadly weapons and artifacts to your meeples like never before!

Let us see briefly how a basic game progresses. In order to set up the game a map is created by placing the 7 region cards. The Capital city region is placed in the center of the table and the other 6 outer regions are placed in a circle around the city. Each player is given a Player Card along with a Defender Meeple and a Hit Point token with their matching color.

The Artifact deck which contains powerful items for the players to use, is placed face down near the game area. The Turn deck and the Horde deck are created according to the rules and the difficulty level of your choice. Then an Epic Foe card is placed face down near the game area. This is the ultimate Foe that you must defeat to win the game!

The game is played in a series of rounds. In each round the players:
1.Draw and resolve Turn cards: Turn cards may have Enemy cards, Defender cards and later Horde cards. Defender cards grant actions to the Defenders while Enemy Cards raise the Threat level of the regions. When Threat reaches the upper threshold of a region, the region is destroyed. Among the Enemies, there are also Dire Enemies who are stronger and have special abilities, but they also drop loot (Artifacts) when you defeat them.
2.Reshuffle Turn Cards and Add a Horde card when there are no more cards left in the turn deck.
3.Reveal the Epic Foe if there are no cards in the Horde deck to add.

The game ends in two ways: Players win the game by defeating the Epic Foe or they lose the game when their Capital City is destroyed.
The expansion of Tiny Epic Defenders The Dark War, adds new elements to the game. Besides the new Artifacts, Enemies, Defenders, Dire Enemies and Epic Foes, the game adds so much more. Now there are Generals (a new threat that players must overcome!), new regions, Caravans that must be escorted to the Capital City, Skill cards that are acquired when players level up by gathering enough Experience points and finally various Campaign modes!
The price of the game is very reasonable and the campaign has already unlocked tons of new content! If you want to defend Aughmoore from Evil, visit the Kickstarter page!

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