Castle Loot – Who is Going to Be the Fastest of All?

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Category: 20 - 30 Min 2 - 4 Players 2017

Castle Loot is an action fast-paced game with characters inspired by RPG classic games.

You find yourselves in a castle and you have to loot it before the other players. One of the four characters of the game is placed in the middle of the table, along with his four equipment tiles that surround him: a torch to light his way into the castle, his sword so that he will be able to fight against the fearsome dragon, a bag in which he will store any gems he finds and a key that opens treasure chests.

Every round, a card is revealed in the middle of the four equipment tiles and players must be fast and grab the corresponding equipment of that specific card. Grab the right equipment at the right moment and you will get a specific effect. However, you must always be on the alert for traps that might be hidden in the cards…

Castle Loot seems to be a really fun game and it requires speed and quick reflexes! It is up on Kickstarter and it is expected to be available in 2017.

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