Dinosaur Island – Build the Greatest Theme Park

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Category: Age: 8+ 90 - 120 Min 2 - 4 Players 2017

You are planning to build a dinosaur theme park. As you can imagine, the dinosaurs won’t be fake creatures. They are going to be real dinosaurs! And you are going to bring them to life!

To begin with, you will have to make DNA research on different dinosaur species and make the right combinations, so as to bring those prehistoric creatures back to life! Then, you have what you need to build your theme park. You want it to attract the most visitors, but at the same time you must make sure that it is safe and no guest is going to be part of a dinosaur’s meal!

The more daring you are with the species you create, the more attractive your park will be for the visitors. But then, will you manage to make it as safe as it takes? You know that keeping such deadly creatures safely enclosed needs a lot of work. And of course, there are other things to take care of when running a theme park, such as upgrading your laboratory or making sure that there is enough space in the dinosaur exhibits for your visitors.

Dinosaur Island seems to be a really fun game with a ‘90s artwork.  It features an interesting mechanism that can adjust the game length from one hour to two and a half hours regardless of the players number. What is more, at the beginning of each game, two Plot-Twist cards are drawn, that change the rules creating a different game each time.

Dinosaur Island is up on Kickstarter and it is already over its funding goal.

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