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Category: Age: 8+ 20 - 40 Min 2 - 5 Players 2018
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This is a game from a first-time creator that got my attention thanks to its beautiful and cartoony art of dogs and its weird theme. Let’s take a look!


In Dogtag you are a dog that seeks online fame through the use of the famous social media app, Dogtag. Like in this universe but everyone is a dog.
The game comes with 15 Achievement cards which depict a requirement that you need to fulfill in order to score them. By gaining 3 of these cards you win the game and the game starts with 6 available Achievements. In addition, they offer a special bonus that will give you a boost over the other players, sweet!
The main way of moving forward in the game is by posting cool pictures and you can do that by playing a Picture card. These cards come in 5 different types, like Fashion or Food and make the art of the game to really pop. Of course, you are doing all these in order to get some traffic to your posts, some comments. Comment cards let you comment on pictures you may like and your friends will remember your kindness and may say something sweet about you too.
Lastly, there are Action cards in the game that seem to have a great impact on the game and be vital to your success. These are the Share, Fla, Steal, and Trending, all helping you or hindering your opponent’s efforts.
A light family card game with cute art and a quite funny theme that I would imagine to roll well with non-gamers and kids.

Check out its campaign here to learn more and see if its close to your taste on your own! The video of the campaign is well made and pretty funny with a satirical element.

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