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Category: 2 - 6 Players 2018

“Drinkagon”, as the name implies, is not your typical board game but a mix of a small abstract strategy game of tactical movement and a drinking game. Most people like to drink, have fun and chillout on a party, meetup or game night. The goal of this game is to add some strategy, some more thinking on your typical drinking game, along with a lot of replay value by the use of a free companion app, for Android/iOS, instead of physical cards.


The game comes with wooden pieces, tiles and a custom die, with the basic game supporting up to four players and the extended version up to six. Simple and beautiful graphic design is used for an attractive result.

Let’s check out how the game plays.
You start by arranging any number of tiles into a random pattern, forming the play board, along with your base tile that starts with your 3 figurines on it. On your turn, you have to roll the custom 12-sided wooden die and have that many action points to use. For each point spent you may move on any adjacent space or jump over one figurine, for two points spent you may even move an opponent’s figurine! Stepping on a colored space will make you draw a digital card of “truth” or “dare” through the use of the app. As you can guess, saying the truth or daring to accomplish the given task will allow you to avoid the drinking penalty stated on the card, if you want to avoid it…
Be the first one to place all your figurines on an opponent’s base tile and you will be crowned the sober king of the party!

Now, what’s interesting about “Drinkagon” is the team behind it. People eager to learn, create, offer and show their passion. People can see that without contacting them, by just checking out their campaign, its focus on detail and clear structure. I am truly interested to see a modern board game made by them.

I would also like to remind people that we have to know our limits so everyone, along with us, can have fun and enjoy our time together.

So, if you want to add some tactical thinking to your party nights, along with endless replay value, as the app will have many content updates, you can check out “Drinkagon’s” campaign on Kickstarter.

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