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Category: Age: 18+ 15 - 30 Min 2 - 12 Players 2018
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Four Kings is a turn-based drinking card game. Easy to learn, fast-paced and great for parties, it’s a drinking game after all! There are four types of cards that will bring different concepts and rules to the game, testing your mind and skills and treat you with some alcohol.

Your turn is quite easy, just draw a card and follow what it says.
A “Game Card” will depict a way to play as a group and the first one to make a mistake is getting punished, you know how! A “Rule Card” activates a specific rule that is in effect until another rule card is drawn. A “Hero Card” stays by your side and enables you with a cool ability that only you can use. Lastly, a “King Card” depicts an ability that has a big impact on the game and then orders you to pour some of your drink into the “King Cup”. That is a cup at the center of the table which gets filled whenever a King card is drawn. There are only four such cards in the game and whoever draws the last one has to drink the deadly King cup!

Funny art, quirky abilities and a lot of drinks are the elements of this game. You don`t and mustn`t take this seriously, relax and have fun. I can see this go very well with non-gamers and people who like to drink and play at parties. If that seems interesting to you make sure to check out the game’s Kickstarter campaign!


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