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Gain the Knowledge of the Mystic ScROLLS…

Category: Age: 8+ 15 - 25 Min 2 - 4 Players 2017

You are just taking your first steps in the amazing world of magic and you wish to find more and more secrets so as to become a great wizard. You have found an ancient library into the woods, where magic secrets from the past lie hidden. Finally, your dream can come true! However, you are not the only one. Three more magicians have discovered the same library and a battle of magic is about to begin…

Mystic ScROLLS is a fun real-time dice game for 2 to 4 players. Each player is a wizard with their own spells aiming at capturing as many scrolls as possible. There is a pile of cards in the middle of the table and each round a scroll card is drawn. Then, each player grabs 5 magic dice and starts rolling them trying to match the symbol they roll with the symbols of the spell cards, in order to perform the spells. Every time they roll the correct combination, they place the dice on the spell activating it and take more dice from the common dice pool. When all dice are gone from the dice pool or a player plays the combination of the middle scroll card, the round ends and all the spells are activated. When a player has been left, he is the one to gain all the magic knowledge from the ancient scrolls of the library.

Mystic ScROLLS has been running on Kickstarter and there are many days to go if you want to back it!

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