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Category: Age: 10+ 25 - 45 Min 3 - 5 Players 2018
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Kill The Unicorns is the newest game of “Morning”, a French distributor and publisher also known as Morning Players (or Kingscube). In my mind they are associated with games that have interesting themes that you don`t come across and beautiful production. This game meets my expectations perfectly!


In a peaceful faraway Queendom thousands pesky unicorns appeared, unleashing chaos. They start eating endangered plant life, polluting the land with their toxic gas-farts resulting in sugar and candy rains! The kind Queen let her daughter take action into the matter and four days of unicorn hunting, annually, was the result. Beware: Unicorn violence included.


In the game you play as one of the available characters, taking part in the hunting event, trying to capture the most unicorns possible. The game is simple and straightforward, full of humorous and gorgeous art.
You will have scheme and attack cards which will be used to deceive your opponents, catch unicorns or buy useful items from the black market where the Gnomes are in charge. There will be various unicorns spotted each round, in which your scheme cards will be strategically placed. Each unicorn will be hunted down by playing hunting card through a bidding mechanic. You will have to be thoughtful on which one to go for and try to read your opponents’ moves. Once all unicorns are captured or escaped you will purchase valuable items that will help you throughout the game and equip you with rule-breaking opportunities.
The game is way over its funding goal and people are going crazy about it. Unicorns is a popular theme but this goes one step further while maintaining all the cuteness, candies and humor associated with it.
I believe it’s a very good choice if you like family-weight games with beautiful aesthetics in a cool package. You can check out its campaign here.


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