Monstrology Live on Kickstarter

Category: Age: 10+ 30 - 180 Min 2 - 8 Players 2017
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You are curious Investigators who examine a plethora of weird enough monsters, trying to find the imaginary monster of your “subject” of this monstrological investigation!
The game’s theme is all about monsters, imagination and thinking of what they would be like in regard of skills, food preferences and more quirky things.


The game is a deduction co-op one that can also be played competitively with a team vs team variant. In each round, one player will be the subject of the investigation that will randomly draw a monster card, being their imaginary beast. Then, that player will fill out a “taxonomy board” in order to let the other players take a hint of what kind of monster the chosen one is. These boards set, essentially, imaginary questions, such as how skilled your monster is in “guarding the home”, “mathematics”, “soccer” or “babysitting”!
The next step is to mix that monster with other monster cards, laying them out face-up and letting the investigators talk and vote for which one is the monster of interest, out of a deduction process.
More games like that keep popping out and is something that I personally like. Games like Dixit, Unusual Suspects and Spyfall are games that arouse your imagination, are easy to learn and play, make you laugh and share a fun time with everyone around the table. Due to that, I would recommend checking out this game, as it seems to have all these properties plus extremely weird monsters!


You can check out Monstrology’s Kickstarter campaign here. For a pledge of $38 you can have the basic game which includes 90 monster cards (6 of them are KS exclusives that won`t be available elsewhere), 12 taxonomy boards, a rule book and the counters needed for the game.
The game campaign is pretty basic without any stretch goals and a seemingly large goal of $25,000. It’s also the company’s first campaign, so don`t let these stand in your way of checking out this game.