One of You Has Been Bitten…

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Category: 5 Min 2 - 4 Players 2017

In the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse, you and a group of survivors have been used to constantly raiding in an attempt to find any kind of supplies. During the last supply raid, things got really bad, as a bunch of the undead attacked you and it is likely that one of you has been bitten… You have five minutes to discover who is the unlucky one and eliminate them…

Bitten is a 5-minute micro-game of survival. You have two options. You must either collect one food ration, one water ration, one weapon and one vehicle. These are all the supplies you need in order to escape this messed up situation. Or you must discover the member of the group that has been infected before it is too late, because if time runs out and you haven’t killed the bitten player, they are gonna eat your brains!

In a world that is overwhelmed by the zombies, everything happens fast. So does in Bitten, where in 5 minutes one of you will turn undead …

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